Wednesday, April 1, 2015

You've Been Egged

Every year one of our favorite things to do is Egg people at Easter time.  With a pack of plastic eggs and a little bit of Easter candy you can leave a nice treat to let your neighbors know how much you appreciate them.  Print this out and write a nice note on the back then ring the bell and run. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pump'kin Others Up this October

Pump'kin others up this October

This October we are encouraging the students at our local schools to pump'kin each other up with kindness.  To do and say kind things to each other and make our schools a more positive place.  

We also challenged our high school students to go and serve others this October.  
Here are some fun flyers to print out to go along with your service.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We encourage you to Egg someone, its fun!

Please go and Egg someone this Easter.
We want you to do what?"  That's right, go "Egg" someone.  
Get a group together and write kind things on paper, put them in some plastic eggs, add candy if you want, then leave them in someone's yard, on their porch, or in their locker and then run.  
When they find out they have been "egg"ed it will make their day.

 For the past three years we have done this as a MiteE Team, and it is one of our favorite activities.  There is something fun about "egg"ing others on through kindness.  Make this a fun part of your holiday tradition.  

Add a twist at school,  play pass the egg. 
 Copy this note and then write a personal note on a paper as well put it in a plastic egg.
  Surprise someone by giving them the "egg" full of thoughtfulness.  Then they must write a kind note and pass it to someone else.  See how far kindness can go in your school or home.  
Share this "egg"ceptional game at your school.  Enjoy

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I love the Olympics.  It is such an inspiring few weeks to see years of training on display.  It is where the best of the best come to be showcased.  Since I was a child I have loved watching and imagining that I was an Olympian.  One year we got used ice skates for Christmas and we would go to a frozen canal by our house and pre-tend that we were Olympic skaters competing for the gold. Now, I watch my own children put on socks and skate around on our wood floor competing for their gold.  As I watched them skate around, I realized that everyday we all have opportunities to go for the gold.  We should all be in training so that when those moments come along we are ready to make the most of the situation and do our best.  So many times in life, just like in the Olympics, it is only the difference of a split second that determines if we have an ordinary moment or a gold medal moment.  

With this idea in mind we created some fun videos reminding our local students that they are in charge of their moments, and they have the power to go for the gold.  Join them as they try to make the world a better place one moment at a time. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Little Leaven

I love rolls.  There is something wonderful about a fresh, homemade roll warm from the oven.  My mom was the best at making rolls and we loved to help her make lots of them for Thanksgiving.  Our kitchen would be covered in flour and our tummies full of dough.  We would bake for hours to have enough.  I was reminded of this memory when I was reading in Galatians 5:9 about how it only takes a little leaven to raise the whole batch.  It struck me because the yeast in my mothers rolls made all of the difference.  If the kitchen was too cold or the water too hot, the yeast would not work right and if the yeast didn't work, then you had dense rolls that no one wanted to eat.  The best part about rolls is how light and fluffy they are.  I can't imagine rolls without yeast to make them rise.  It is a small ingredient but very important to the success of the batch.  I know there wouldn't have been as much excitement for a little solid hard roll.  They are just not the same without the yeast to make them light and fluffy.  It made me start to wonder about how often we don't add the leaven in our lives.  When we don't take the time to add the ingredient that will raise our life and make it light and fluffy.   The little things that makes our souls expand and life be lighter, better.  I believe the leaven in our lives is added when we are good examples of the truth we know.  When we follow the example of Jesus Christ we are adding the leaven to our life.   If we believe in Jesus Christ then we need to add our example of Him to our life, so we can be raised and those around us can be raised as well.  Like the scripture said, " a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump".    We too can elevate those around us by trying to live lives full of service to our fellow men and sharing the truth we know.  Recently I made a batch of rolls to share.  I made one batch with yeast and the other without.  I put both batches in a basket and set them out on the table.  No one picked the roll without yeast.  I pointed out to the kids that no one had picked the little hard rolls.  I explained, they were made exactly the same.  There was just one ingredient missing in the little hard ones.  I told them about the yeast and how it is needed to raise the dough.  I also told them about how important it is for them to be the yeast in the world.  No one wants to live a life hard and small like the roll that had no yeast.  I told them they could do big things and have a positive effect on those around them if they are an example, like the leaven so to speak, in a world where hearts are hard.  Try this experiment yourself.  Share kindness and see if the mood of everyone around you raises.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I must be Awesome!

We had a fun experiment at our elementary in the month of February where the students were given heart shaped sticky notes to write kind things about each other and post them on other's lockers without being caught.
A tough boy, one that you wouldn't think would be interested in the kindness hearts activity, tracked the principle down in the hall.  He excitedly told her that he had received two hearts on his locker. "They both said that I was awesome" he told her,  "so I must be awesome!"  He had concluded.
Isn't it amazing what a simple compliment can do to someone's identity.  He believed that he was awesome because two people had said the same thing about him so it must be true.
It doesn't take a lot to make a difference.

Making someones day, may be just a sticky note away.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Real Easter Egging

We just wanted to share a way to have fun celebrating Easter while still remembering what the holiday is about.  We love the idea of Easter egging, but this just adds a little something special to it.  I had fun the other night with my children taking them around to surprise others with a treat with a purpose.  It didn't cost much to add a little excitement to another families' night.  We got a bag of 48 eggs at Walmart for $2, and then a few bags of wrapped candy for $10.  That was $12 for 4 families.  It was fun assembling all of the eggs and then printing off the notes to go with them.  We loaded up in our huge diesel van and were off to try to sneak a treat onto some of our neighbors door steps without getting caught.  It was fun to try, but because of our loud van and little children it was nearly impossible.  As we were out the children thought of many more families that they wanted to do so we are going to do more tomorrow night and take a quieter car.  We would have done more that night but it got too late.  My son who is in Jr High asked, " are we going to do this every night until Easter"?  I said, "yes", and to my surprise he said, "good".  Even cool teenage boys enjoy this activity.  We hope that your family will have fun starting a tradition of egging others.   We know that this is one of the highlights for us.  Copy the image above and then fold it in half.  Put the "We've been egged" part up taped to the porch and then hide the eggs, ring the bell and run.
                                     Here are some fun pictures of us going out to egg someone.
                                                   Everyone loading in the van to go

                                          Table full of treats ready to be delivered

counter full of dishes that will be left until tomorrow.
Kindness never gets done if we have to do the dishes first.  At least not at my house.  Enjoy.